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Science Behind Dozee

Contactless Proprietary Ballistocardiography
Ballistocardiography uses mechanical vibrations produced by micro and macro body movements to study cardiac functions, extended to pulmonary and other functions. Dozee sensors placed under the mattress capture micro-vibrations produced in every heart beat, respiration cycles, tremors, seizures, and posture change, without any contact.
Accurate Remote Vitals Monitoring
AI Based Early Warning System
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Our Clinical Research

Unleashing Dozee's true potential through research
Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring Systems on Nursing Time, Healthcare Providers, and Patient Satisfaction in General Wards
AUTHORS: Pavithra L S, Sheen Khurdi, Priyanka T. G, Patrisia Mary S

Abstract: Remote patient monitoring systems (RPMS) are increasingly integrated into hospital wards to improve patient safety and reduce the workload on healthca....

Remote Patient Monitoring
4 JUNE 2024

Micro-Vibration Based Health Monitoring: Effect of External Factors on Ballistocardiogram Signals
AUTHORS: Ume Rani Jawad, Vaishnavi Rangaraj, Arpitha Kumar, Rakshith K Shetty, Swarna Kedia, Abhishek Appaji, Madhusmita Rawooth, Pooja Kadambi, Pavan Kumar Kaushik, Vishwa Singh

Abstract: Vital health parameters can provide a staggering amount of information about the general health of an individual, and continuous vital monitoring play....

3 January 2023

IOT based Sensor System for 24×7 monitoring movement disorder symptoms using machine learning
AUTHORS: Abin Ghosh, Nishita Anand, Pavan Kaushik, Vaishali Bagrodia, Pramod Kumar Pal, Ravi Yadav

Abstract: Parkinson's Disease (PD) owing to its highly het-erogeneous symptoms and progression is a tough problem for automated monitoring. The current method o....

3 January 2023

A comparative study on Wavelet Transform-based algorithm for calculating Heart Rate from Ballistocardiography
AUTHORS: Kanishk Soman, Nishita Anand, Ashwathi Nambiar, Amar Dani

Abstract: Ballistocardiography (BCG) is a non-invasive, contactless technique that enables continuous monitoring of vital signals that have great importance in ....

3 January 2023

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