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Contactless Proprietary Ballistocardiography
Ballistocardiography uses mechanical vibrations produced by micro and macro body movements to study cardiac functions, extended to pulmonary and other functions. Dozee sensors placed under the mattress capture micro-vibrations produced in every heart beat, respiration cycles, tremors, seizures, and posture change, without any contact.
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Our Clinical Research

Unleashing Dozee's true potential through research
Unsupervised Identification Of Cardiac Contraction Through Ballistocardiography
AUTHORS: Vibhor Saran, Gulshan Kumar, Gaurav Parchani, Udit Dhawan

Abstract: Ballistocardiography (BCG) is a non-invasive technique of measuring body motion generated by cardiac contractions during each cardiac cycle. In recent....

28 JANUARY 2019

Sleep Apnea Screening Through Non-Contact Ballistocardiography
AUTHORS: K.S. Srivyshnav, Gulshan Kumar, Vibhor Saran, K.R. Nishanth, Gaurav Parchani, Deepak Padmanabhan

Abstract: Diagnosis of apnea is a cumbersome process that involves a polysomnography (PSG). Ballistocardiogram (BCG) is a method to measure minute body vibratio....

AUGUST 01 2021

A Novel Method For Measuring Myocardial Performance Index Using Non-Contact Ballistocardiogram System
AUTHORS: K. R. Nishanth, Aashit Singh, Gaurav Parchani, Gulshan Kumar, Vibhor Saran, Cholenahally Manjunath, Deepak Padmanabhan

Abstract: Aim: The aim was to validate the Systolic Time Intervals (STI) measured by Ballistocardiography (BCG) with STI derived from simultaneously performed T....

17 JULY 2021

Efficacy Of Non-Contact Ballistocardiography System To Determine Heart Rate Variability
AUTHORS: Gaurav Parchani, Gulshan Kumar, Raghavendra Rao, Kaviraja Udupa, Vibhor Saran

Abstract: Functions of the autonomic nervous system have cardinal importance in day-to-day life. Heart rate variability (HRV) has been shown to estimate the fun....


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