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The Science Behind Dozee Recovery Score

Cornerstones of a healthy life and well-being are lifestyle-related choices and behaviors. Extensive scientific literature shows that appropriate physical activity and restful sleep support recovery from day-to-day and long-term stress, and both contribute positively to well-being along with a healthy diet. Proper sleep is paramount for complete recovery of the body and to prevent the accumulation of residual stress. Over a period of time, this accumulated residual stress finally affects our physical and mental health such as diabetes, obesity, and dementia. Hence we need to track our recovery. However, the challenge has always been to measure this recovery.  Dozee Recovery Score now enables you to track your recovery on a daily basis and take conscious decisions to manage your recovery deficit. In this blog, we will look into the science behind the calculation of recovery and how Dozee’s contactless technology is enabling to track recovery on a daily basis. Autonomous Nervous System – Recovery controller of our Body To begin with, first, we need to understand a bit of our Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) anatomy and its correlation with Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The ANS works automatically that controls our physiological response to stress. It can be divided into two parts: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system prepares our body to react to stress (“fight or flight”) and the parasympathetic helps us recover from it (“rest and digest”). When sleeping, it is in this parasympathetic state that the body recovers which is characterized by lower heart rate and high HRV. Read this article to learn more. Recovery tracking made effortless on the Dozee App The amount of recovery achieved by our body depends on 2 factors –  The extent of the parasympathetic state. Greater the degree of sympathetic activity, greater is the recovery The duration of the parasympathetic state. Longer the duration of sympathetic activity, greater is the recovery. How Dozee calculates your recovery Dozee, with its contactless technology, is able to capture every heartbeat and its variability throughout the night which in turn is used to calculate the extent and the duration of the parasympathetic activity, thereby measuring the recovery. This is measured throughout the night and is quantified into a simple score called the Dozee Recovery Score. Dozee Recovery Score is measured in ‘rx’ (recovery index). Understanding Dozee Recovery Score Sleep and relaxation in the form of meditation are the 2 best forms of recovery. With Dozee, we can measure the recovery achieved in sleep at night and any additional recovery that we may have achieved with meditations done on the Dozee app. The total recovery for a given date is the sum of sleep recovery and meditation recovery from all sessions in a day. The amount of recovery achieved can vary significantly based on age, gender, and lifestyle. Dozee sets a personalized recovery target based on the above factors and previous trends to identify our recovery requirements. We can also measure the recovery achieved from meditations, which can be used to fill the gap between your sleep and required recovery. With Dozee Recovery Score, we can now track our daily recovery and make healthier decisions towards a healthier lifestyle.

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