Weekly & Monthly trend

Resting respiratory rate is a good indicator of any abnormality either due to short term lifestyle changes or long term health deterioration due to disorders. It is particularly a good indicator specially for pulmonary disorders and can help in early detection of severe conditions like pneumonia, fibrosis, etc. Trend analysis along with baseline gives a good understanding of the same.

Respiratory rate out of the healthy baseline for a short time in the night will elongate the trendline. This can be because of fever, alcohol consumption, etc. On a regular basis (2+ days) this can be an indication of disease, infection, etc. A slow increment of the baseline values show long term slow health deterioration due to poor lifestyle, the vice versa shows baseline shifting down due to a good and balanced lifestyle.

One can select a pair of dates to access trends for resting respiratory rate between them, by default weekly and monthly pairs are displayed.


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