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What does Dozee Sleep Score tell about your health?

Every morning, your Dozee greets you with a score – the sleep score. It’s not only a brilliant measure of your quality of sleep, but also a good indicator of your overall health and well-being when looking at the combined data in your weekly report.

Your sleep score takes into account the stability of your body vitals, quality of your sleep, restfulness, your sleep routine and stress levels throughout the night.

💡Why health readings during sleep-time give an accurate picture of your health?

When awake, your body is exposed to several external stress-stimuli (stressors) like: emotional, environmental, physical etc. However, when we are asleep, the background noise of these external factors is reduced, which allows for a clearer image of internal stressors. These can be hormonal, digestive, infection-caused or simply health deterioration.

Sleep also acts as the body’s natural recovery system to prepare you for the next day. All the damage taken by your body in the day, during its awake state, is healed naturally while you sleep. The better quality sleep you have, the better your body recovers. A healthy body is not defined by whether it’s stressed or not but rather if it can easily return to its natural state once stressors are taken care of; just like a rubber band snapping back into shape.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of what your daily sleep score says about your health. 🦅

Avg. Score of 90-100 : Excellent health 🥇

You are at the peak of your health and your focus should be on maintaining this score consistently. Not only are you in the top 1% of Dozee users, but you’re also an inspiration!

Avg. Score of 80-90: Healthy with slight room for improvement 🥈

You are certainly on top of your health and in the top 5% of Dozee users. We need to get into the specifics to see how you can improve yourself to reach the ultimate 90+ scores.

Avg. Score of 70-80: Healthy with a lot of room for improvement 🥉

You’re at a decent health level but there’s certainly room for improvement. You should consider making minor changes in your lifestyle.

Avg. Score of 60-70: Borderline Healthy 🎗

You’re at an average health level and this might be a great time to make health your first priority. Don’t let your score slip into the red zone.

Avg. Score of 50-60: You’re neglecting your health a little 👀

This isn’t great but it’s not too bad either. You just need to make a conscious decision to work towards better health and in no time you’ll be right on track.

Less than 50: Your Health demands your attention

If health is wealth then you’re certainly not being the best treasurer, by constantly neglecting your health. However, it’s still not too late to choose health, all you need to do is avoid unhealthy habits and do something to get healthier.

So, what was your sleep score last week? More importantly, what do you want your sleep score to be in the next few weeks? Dozee is always there for you in your journey towards a healthier you. Let’s achieve it together. If you need any assistance in achieving your health goal, we are just a ping away. 💬


This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Dozee is not a medical device. It is not designed or intended for use in diagnosis or to cure any disorder or illness.

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