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This One Relaxation Technique Will Maximize Your WFH Productivity!

Work From Home leaving you restless and anxious? Prepare & Boost your productivity with Yog Nidra by achieving deep relaxation and heightened intelligence & creativity.

Today, a third of the world’s population is on coronavirus lockdown, with millions of professionals working remotely from the comforts of their home. Work from home offers us benefits like work time flexibility and reduction in commute time. At the same time, like a double-edged sword, WFH also poses new challenges to our productivity and mental health.


Now the crisis of a pandemic situation is enough to trigger fear, anxiety, and depression. On top of that, you would be surprised to learn that people working from home are more susceptible to poor mental health than office workers. A 2017 report by the United Nations found that remote workers are more likely to experience high-stress levels than office workers. Here’s why:

CLOCKING IN MORE HOURS WFH eliminates the urgency of getting things done before the set ‘log out’ time of office hours. This leads to us spending more time at our desks getting the same work done. Based on server activity, NordVPN reported that since mid-March, the average working day has increased considerably in most countries – 3 hrs in the USA, and 2 hrs in the U.K., Spain, France, and Canada. This increase in working hours is counter-productive and is detrimental to an employee’s work quality over time.

WORK BLEEDING INTO FAMILY LIFE Working from home is not a regular habit for most people and it is harder to adjust and set work-life boundaries. This can negatively impact both work and family life. 

Many of us are seeking to prove to our employers that we are still working hard but for those of us not used to working from home, it can put a strain on our psyche as our routine gets disrupted. It can become harder to concentrate, leaving us feeling anxious and restless. 


The real solution to the problem is to accept work from home as a norm, prepare ourselves, set defined working hours, and take measures to tackle restlessness and stress. But to do all this we need a calm and clear mind, which can be easily achieved and maintained by inculcating relaxation sessions in our daily lives.

And the best of which is YOG NIDRA.

Yog Nidra creates a bridge b/w our conscious, subconscious & unconscious mind, releasing all tension and sparking creativity

Just 20 mins of daily Yog Nidra will help us achieve deep relaxation which in turn will heighten our intelligence and creativity. This will enable us to achieve the right state of mind while we work from home, calmly. One session of Yog Nidra leads to an average stress recovery of 45%, and can also go up to 200%. An authentic Yog Nidra session is available on the Dozee app. Try now 

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