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Tame Your Anxiety And Relax With Body Scan Meditation

It is time to put a leash on your anxiety and stress with Body Scan Meditation – backed by research and proven to reduce cortisol levels from the first session. What is Body Scan Meditation? Body Scan Meditation is a great way to release tension, even the tension you may be unaware of carrying in your body and mind. It is a systematic practice in mindfulness that brings your awareness to every single part of your body – from head to toe. The purpose is to reconnect with your physical body, notice and acknowledge the sensations you feel, without any judgement. Surprisingly, this is enough to induce relaxation as it makes you mindful of the current moment, with little room for other thoughts. Body Scan is also one of the easiest ways to start a mindfulness meditation practice. Body Scan Meditation Reduces Cortisol! Research shows that doing a mindful body scan meditation daily can reduce both biological and psychological stress. The study shows that subjects who regularly practiced Body Scan meditation were able to significantly lower their cortisol levels when compared to subjects who did not. High cortisol levels are directly associated with weakened immunity and cardiovascular complications. Body Scan For Working Professionals Working professionals today are regularly subjected to a high-stress load, resulting in the onset and progress of mental and physical problems. While there are medications to lower cortisol levels, they come with their own set of side effects. Other options like regular exercise and diet change involve serious commitment and change in behavior, which are rather difficult to follow through as we are all creatures of habit. This is why Body Scan Meditation is a practical and suitable approach to reduce stress quickly. Body Scan with Dozee

Created by Kalariyogi Shriram, Dozee’s Body Scan Meditation leverages the power of Crystal Singing Bowls. Singing Bowls are popularly used in sound meditation to effortlessly induce a deep state of relaxation. This is achieved with the help of binaural beats produced by the bowls that positively alter our brainwaves to match those of a person in deep sleep.  Dozee’s Body Scan Meditation is a guided session which means even beginners can practice it with ease. The result – a wonderful relaxation session that alleviates both physical and mental tension. Try it now on the Dozee app.


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