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Sleep More, Shop More With Dozee Points

Learn how you can sleep your way to good health with Dozee Points and Health Shop at your disposal. Did you know scientists have discovered a revolutionary treatment that makes you live longer and healthier? It can act as a protective shield against Dementia and Cancer, lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and also Diabetes. It can even make you feel happier, less prone to anxiety and depression. Curious to know what the wonder drug is? It is sleep. Sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity and also your firewall for a bewildering array of conditions that would otherwise cause the slow deterioration of body and mind. Modern lifestyle has turned this necessity into a luxury. Dozee is working towards changing this. Monitoring your sleep with Dozee tells you just how healthy you are and at the same time, it warns you of any impending health complication, in advance. If this is not enough reason to monitor your sleep, Dozee does more to motivate you to improve your sleep health. DOZEE POINTS While you’re sleeping, you accumulate reward points from Dozee called Dozee Points. The healthier your sleep gets, the more points you earn. You earn Dozee points in two effortless ways: Sleeping: Every time you sleep with Dozee, your Sleep Score turns into Dozee Points. If your last night’s Sleep Score was 83, then 83 Dozee points are added to your Dozee account. To learn how Dozee calculates your Sleep Score, click here. Meditating: Each time you meditate with Dozee, Dozee gives you a score based on how effective the meditation session was for you. This is done by evaluating the improvement in your stress levels, heart rate, and respiratory rate during the session. Your Meditation Score also gets turned into Dozee Points. DOZEE HEALTH SHOP Dozee is a unique platform that rewards you for sleeping, with Dozee Points. The healthier your sleep habits are, the more you earn. Getting rewarded for sleeping better – isn’t that fantastic! And that’s not the end of it either. You can use these Dozee Points to further improve your health by redeeming them on the Dozee Health Shop, where you will find amazing options to choose from. Some of them are listed below: Health counseling with medical experts Exclusive benefits at nearest Yoga & Wellness Centers Books on health & nutrition House plants Superfoods Head over to the Health Shop now for exciting products and services Dozee users are utilizing all of these options and more to live a better, healthier life, without even touching their wallets, just by sleeping! Dozee will always go the extra mile to promote healthy living. ☺️

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