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Say Good-Bye To Morning Blues With Dozee Smart Alarm

Alarm clocks wake us up regardless of how much sleep we’ve had and whether we are fully rested or not. Dozee’s Smart Alarm, on the other hand, wakes us up when it is easiest for our bodies to get out of sleep.

Alarm clocks have become an important part of our lives and we heavily rely on them to get our routines started. Alarms wake us up no matter how much sleep we got through the night regardless of how restful the sleep was. Research suggests that alarms promote unhealthy sleep habits, contribute to sleep deprivation and can be harmful if used over a long period. To understand how alarms harm us, we need to first understand what happens when we sleep.


We go through multiple sleep cycles every night while we’re asleep. Our body goes through three major phases in each sleep cycle:

Light Sleep: Each cycle starts with light sleep, where the heart rate slows down and body temperature drops. This is a transition phase between REM and deep sleep and repeats several times in a night.

Deep Sleep: While in deep sleep, our blood pressure and heart rate are at the minimum and our body undergoes physical repair (muscles, tissues, bones, etc) and strengthening of the immune system.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement): During REM sleep, the brain is highly active and we experience dreams in this phase. This is a state of temporary paralysis as the brain signals the spinal cord to stop all motor functions, a protective mechanism to prevent us from injury from acting out our dreams. This stage helps us process our memory and emotions and restore cognitive functions.


Naturally, our body wakes us up during the lighter phases of sleep, which also happens to be the best time to wake up. An alarm clock usually forces us to wake up at a time when our body doesn’t want to. If it happens to go off when we’re in a deep sleep phase, we wake up feeling groggy. If the alarm rings when we are in the middle of REM sleep, while our body has been paralyzed by the brain, the alarm shocks our system awake and we wake up feeling sick or disoriented.

The body is not designed to get up suddenly out of REM or deep sleep. Also, we are more likely to hit the Snooze button while in deep sleep, to avoid getting up. We have all missed our lectures and important meetings at least a few times, because of the snooze button. Beginning each morning with the shrill cry of an alarm clock has the potential to ruin the rest of our day.

While we can’t stop using alarm clocks, we can now control how we wake up feeling, thanks to Dozee’s Smart Alarm.

Dozee Smart Alarm wakes us up when we’re in Light sleep phase so that we wake up fresh and ready to take on the day[/caption]


Dozee monitors our sleep cycles throughout the night, and the Smart Alarm feature wakes us up when we’re in a light sleep phase or at least at the end of a REM phase. Our bodies show the least resistance to getting up while in these phases and we wake up feeling ready for the day. The Smart Alarm works with a time range that we provide, for e.g. if we wish to wake up at most by 7 am, we can enter the time range as 6:30 – 7:00 am. Between this time range, Dozee wakes us up when our sleep is the lightest. If not, then the alarm goes off at 7, ensuring we don’t have a late start to the day.

Note: For Dozee Smart Alarm to work seamlessly, both the Dozee device and the cellphone need to be connected to the internet.

Setting up Dozee Smart Alarm is really simple. Click to learn how to set up your Smart Alarm.


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