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Pranayama: The Art Of Breathing

Understand what Pranayama can do for your health and well-being. Experience enhanced heart and respiratory health with Dozee Pranayama in just 6 minutes. The only autonomic function in our body that we can consciously control is our breath. On average, we breathe about 23,000 times every day. When we inhale, our heartbeat speeds up a little and it slows down when we exhale. This process is called ‘sinus arrhythmia’. It is possible to control the speed of our heartbeat by breathing consciously, which can have a tremendous impact on our health and well-being. This is where Pranayama comes in. Lengthening inhalation, exhalation, and retention of breath affects all our autonomous functions. Let us take a brief look at what Pranayama is and why pranayama breathing exercises are so effective at improving our health and well-being. .WHAT IS PRANAYAMA? The ancient yogic practice of controlled or mindful breathing is known as Pranayama. It is one of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and is also known as the bridge that connects our physical and spiritual self. The term Prana means life and the purpose of Pranayama is to maximize one’s life energy. With the help of scientific studies supporting this practice’s benefits, Pranayama is now a staple in Yoga worldwide. PRANAYAMA FOR HEALTH How does breath affect the mind and body so profoundly? One key to this relationship is the autonomic nervous system, which governs the body’s sympathetic (stress or fight-or-flight) and parasympathetic (rest-and-relax) responses, and controls the actions and reactions of the body’s systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.  Pranayama benefits for heart health: Studies show that pranayama has a profound impact on the autonomic nervous system, resulting in improved cardiac performance, reduced blood pressure, even in hypertension patients, and a lower risk of arrhythmia. Benefits of Pranayama for respiratory health: Pranayama techniques have shown to improve lung function in both healthy people and patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis. One intriguing study showed that pranayama can even reduce cigarette cravings over the short term. Benefits of Pranayama for cognition & mental health: A 2013 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine shows the benefits of Pranayama on various measures of attention, language, spatial abilities, depression, and anxiety in post-stroke individuals. Pranayama significantly reduces mental stress & anxiety.  PRANAYAMA FOR WELL-BEING Our emotions have a tendency to directly impact our breath. Like when we are excited, anxious, or fearful, our breath becomes rapid and shallow. Surprisingly, this works the other way as well. Breathing slowly is a catalyst to calmness, relaxation, and clarity from strong muddled emotions. We will delve more into how Pranayama positively impacts our mental and spiritual well-being in another blog next week. DOZEE PRANAYAMA Curated by Manish Pole, Dozee is introducing short 6-minute Pranayama sessions on the Dozee app for you. These sessions are designed to associate you with this incredible yogic art of breathing that has tremendous benefits for both your body and mind. The most evident result of practicing Pranayama that you can see from the first session is relief from stress and anxiety, and total relaxation. Try it on the Dozee app now.

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