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Panchjan For Health & Vitality During Lockdown

Here’s the latest on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in India, and a 7-minute solution to taking care of your mental health. A recent survey by The Asian Journal of Psychiatry showed that more than 80% of the Indians are preoccupied with the thoughts of COVID-19. In this study, 12.5% of Indians reported having sleep difficulties, 37.8% reported paranoia about acquiring COVID-19 infection, and 36.4% agreed to distress related social media postings. The most surprising fact is that more than 80% of applicants accepted the need for mental healthcare.  The silver lining to these numbers is the fact that now more than ever, we realize the need for mental healthcare. Happy realization! But what now? Where do we start? Because even though the awareness is high, infrastructure is still low. Many of us still consider it a taboo to reach out to psychiatrists and psychologists for help. Remembering that this is just a temporary phase can help you feel a lot lighter, mentally. THE SOLUTION: MINDFULNESS In response to the COVID induced mental health challenges worldwide, The United Nations had this to say ‘mindfulness meditation is a great option to incorporate into your regular routine to reduce anxiety and stress’. The World Health Organisation has released guidelines for taking care of our mental health. WHO also strongly recommends meditation to stay calm, relaxed, and anxiety-free during these difficult times. PANCHJAN FOR HEALTH & VITALITY Addressing the need of the hour, Dozee has curated meditations specifically to help you deal with stress and anxiety. Panchjan is the second release in the ‘Meditations for COVID-19’ series. This session is designed for relieving stress and eliminating anxiety, offering deep relaxation and a calm, composed mind. A short 7-minute meditation that is quite easy to practice even for beginners. Try it on the Dozee app now.

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