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One On One With Taher Merchant

The first Indian to complete the Everest Base Camp Ultra Marathon talks about one of the most important deciding factor for an athlete’s success and how Dozee can play a key role in it!

Taher is a 35-year-old Bangalorean and also the first Indian Male to finish the Everest Base Camp Ultra Marathon 2018. It’s a 60km Marathon, also known as the world’s highest ultra-running event which Taher completed in 19 hrs, 15 mins and 10 seconds. Taher runs multiple marathons every single year. We wanted to understand from an expert’s perspective what really matters for a top athlete’s superior performance and how Dozee can play a key role in it. And who better to ask than Taher – an athlete/businessman who has put human limits to test multiple times, and with sheer grit and determination, come out on top!

What is an athlete’s biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for an athlete is the recovery part. The biggest pull factor for me when it comes to Dozee is how well Dozee monitors sleep. 

How did you tackle this challenge?

I used Dozee to regularly monitor my sleep parameters. I think for any athlete, not only me if you come into the fitness industry, the biggest challenge that we face is recovery: not many people know how to train smart and recover well. Even though athletes train hard, there are parameters that they don’t look at (say rest and recovery time), which can actually enhance their performance. Because I took the corrective measures after monitoring using Dozee, my sleep is better and so is my recovery. There are a lot of things about Dozee that made me use it again and again. 

So the quality of sleep is more important to you?

Absolutely. I believe that we can’t improve something that we cannot monitor, be it performance or recovery. 

Recovery is an absolute non-negotiable for an athlete’s performance enhancement

There are plenty of other monitoring devices in the market. I’m sure you must’ve used them as well. So what about Dozee stood out and made you use it again and again?

I did use a lot of other devices but nothing got me aware as much as the Dozee device. A lot of things were inter-related (diet, sleep, recovery, etc). Even my nutritionist said that hey, this is a great device. I don’t think anything else gives you such an in-depth analysis, using which you can monitor and improve. 

If you were to recommend Dozee to your friend, what would you have to say about Dozee?

A lot of people ask me about the products that I’m associated with. I’m an athlete for a few brands, for nutrition and also apparel, but I always give an honest opinion. Dozee is a great application because we see today that the majority of people who are into running are 35 and above. We know that monitoring the vitals in this age group becomes very important. So if I was to recommend this to a friend, to improve the quality of life by monitoring their health, I would definitely ask them to get Dozee eyes closed. Because nothing can give such an in-depth analysis of health parameters, at-least I haven’t stumbled upon anything better. 

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Taher Merchant as much as we did. If you’re looking for inspiration, follow him on Instagram. If you have an adventurous spirit and wish to learn about Taher’s intense experience at the Everest Ultra Marathon, watch the video in this link

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