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How To Use Dozee’s AI To Reach Your Health Goals

Dozee’s AI-powered healthy range baseline helps you monitor how your lifestyle affects your health goals. It also helps in the early detection of underlying health conditions. Can you prove to yourself that you are healthy? Can you measure if your lifestyle changes improve or deteriorate your health? What is a healthy baseline? Good health has two fundamental elements: treating the current illness and preventive care to minimize health deterioration in the future. Preventive healthcare ensures that you keep feeling young, no matter what age. To actively monitor your health, you first need a healthy base for comparison, called a healthy baseline. Why do we need to establish a healthy baseline? Have you ever wondered how some people in their 80s and 90s lead more active and happy lives than many people decades younger? It’s easy to see the positive outcomes of remaining proactive about health and wellness goals. By establishing a baseline, you can start the process of preventing diseases and achieving your goals for future health. How does Dozee establish your healthy baseline? When you use Dozee for the first time, a generic baseline is set based on your age, BMI and gender. This baseline is used for the first week until Dozee has gathered enough data through at least four nights of sleep. Using this collected data, Dozee will create a new baseline specific to your body’s vitals. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Dozee continues to learn from your data and identify your healthy state. Your baseline gets updated every week after that. If you report any sickness or exertion on any day, then those days will be ignored while calculating your baseline.

How does Dozee help you with its AI-assisted healthy baseline? With regular use, Dozee becomes more precise day by day. Dozee’s advanced algorithms will flag cases of early health decline by tracking deviations from your healthy baseline. Preventive healthcare: Deviation from the usual baseline often indicates an underlying condition. Dozee’s AI model has successfully predicted early health deterioration in conditions ranging from fever to heart failure. The amazing part is that Dozee can do this even before the body starts showing physical symptoms of the disease. This means you will never have to wait for your body to tell you when something’s wrong, and also bring down the visits to the hospital. Health and Wellness goals: You can check your health scores anytime in the Dozee reports on your smartphone. Also, the monthly report is a comprehensive snapshot of your health, containing feedback and action items for you to work on and improve your score until the next report. Just like a personal health coach monitoring your health every single day.

With Dozee’s healthy range baseline, you can track how a new habit impacts your health. When you see the impact is negative and your vital readings are going outside the healthy range repeatedly, you are likely to drop the habit. At the same time, you can pick up habits that help in improving your baseline. Either way, establishing your healthy baseline is the first step to taking control of your health and lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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