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How Dozee can detect heart condition in advance? 💔

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Dozee device coupled with our Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) algorithms has proven to be life-saving in many cases by alerting users and their caretakers about upcoming health conditions, thereby avoiding those adverse events.

Before we get to details, let’s quickly revisit how Dozee works? 🧐

Placed under the mattress, Dozee’s sensor sheet captures micro-vibrations produced by your body. Now, let’s concentrate only on the heart. Every time the heart pumps out blood, it produces a micro-vibration that is captured by Dozee.

Magical isn’t it? 🎩 However, it does even more than that.

Our heart is a 4-chambered pump. Blood flow, from one chamber to another, is controlled through the opening and closing of its valves. Dozee captures these vibrations and hence it captures the movement of blood from one chamber to another and the aorta. In all, Dozee has an accurate picture of the mechanical functioning of the heart.

Now let’s go slightly deeper. First, we need to get some understanding of how our heart works!

Our heart is an electro-mechanical machine. The SA node produces an electric signal which polarises and depolarises different parts of the heart, controlling the contraction and relaxation of different muscles which creates the rhythmic pumping of blood known as heart-beat; approximately 50-80 times a minute. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the beauty and brilliance of this bodily mechanisms. ♥️

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Let’s get back to the original question now, how Dozee detects the heart condition? 💔

Once the Dozee device is paired to your account, it uses the first 15 days of data to learn your unique heart signatures via deep learning algorithms. It creates an accurate profile of your usual heart rate through-out the night. It doesn’t just stop there; it even creates a profile of:

  1. The time taken for your heart ventricles to pump (Mitral valve closing opening time),

  2. The time taken for your heart ventricles to relax (Isovolumetric relaxation time),

  3. The time taken by your ventricles to build pressure (Isovolumetric contraction time).

These timings, ratios and profiles generally remain constant unless there is a drastic build-up arising either from a sudden change in lifestyle, medication or health condition. The moment there are deviations, Dozee flags it, reconfirms it multiple time till it is confident of the abnormality, and then sends this information to our panel of experts, who take an informed decision after looking at some more parameters and medical history, if available.

We at Dozee are committed to simplifying healthcare and making it accessible to the world. If you’re interested to know more we would be happy to connect you with our Health Experts here.


This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Dozee is not a medical device. It is not designed or intended for use in diagnosis or to cure any disorder or illness.

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