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From Scarcity To Abundance In 15 Minutes

Are you just surviving, or would you rather be thriving? The abundance mindset is key to creating a pleasant life experience for yourself today. Your mindset is a powerful tool and determines how you feel every day. How you feel massively influences your actions including how you deal with relationships, career goals, circumstances, and challenges. It’s safe to say that wherever you are today, happy or not, is the product of your mindset.

What Is An Abundant Mindset? The mindset of abundance is the belief that everything that you ever wanted/needed is readily available – resources, opportunities, time, money, goodwill, you name it. We are much more likely to take action when we think something we want is in our reach. Now you may say that I’m just stating the obvious, why are we talking about this?

Here’s Why! – Scarcity Mindset v/s Abundance Mindset Humans are naturally wired to have a scarcity mindset, hard-built into our DNA over a millennium of living only to survive. This mindset is driven by fear (of hunger, danger, scarce resources), jealousy (of others who have more than us), and anger. As long as one has this mindset, they will only see scarcity around them – there’s just not enough to go around for everybody. While this mindset is probably the best tool to survive, it is detrimental to anyone whose goal is to thrive.

Let me ask you a question. This might surprise you if you haven’t pondered over this already. Today, with the advent of modern technology, we are living longer and healthier than ever. We also have more comforts and entertainment options than anyone in the history of humanity. Despite all this, can you say with confidence that people around you today are happy? Or at least happier than people who lived some 600 years ago?

Today, the scarcity mindset is outdated and unnecessary. The abundance mindset, on the other hand, is driven by faith, optimism, and generosity. When we approach life from an abundance mindset, we get over our fear of failure and increase the odds of success significantly. The Abundance Mindset helps you see all the possibilities the world has to offer and reinforces the truth that you deserve love and prosperity.

There is no quick way to switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. It takes a conscious effort to develop faith and a constant reminder that there is abundance all around us. Dozee’s Abundance meditation is designed to deliver both, in just 15 minutes. Head over to the Dozee App, try the Abundance meditation now.


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