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Druvbbal – The Story Of The Son & The Mountain

The journey to the Chatturbhuja Peak taught the son 3 valuable lessons he would spend the rest of his life practicing. Druvbbal is the story of the birth of a unique and beautiful meditation. The Son & The Mountain The old man returned to the village he was born in, to live out his final days in peace. Earlier, he had left his village for the big city, as a young man 40 years ago. There he had raised a son he was proud of.  The son had married and founded a thriving business. But recently, after losing his wife to sickness, the son lost perspective and interest in life. The business suffered and the son, in desperation, decided to meet the old man for advice. Seeking purpose and direction, the son found himself back in his hometown Druvbbal – a quiet little village at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, isolated from the rest of the world. The old man said but one thing to the son, “If you climb and reach the Chatturbhuja Temple on foot, you will find your answers”. And so the son started the long trek at the crack of dawn. The trek wasn’t easy. The sun burned his back, while the cold wind bit his skin. The air was thin and he couldn’t breathe with ease. He had neglected his health and blamed the hectic city life for it. The son spent the trek pondering over his relationship with his family and associates and realized he should’ve treated them better, especially his father. Over the years, he had only reached out to the old man in times of need. When he reached the temple at the peak of the mountain, it was almost dusk. The sunset was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. It moved him. He cried in memory of his wife he had loved for 20 years. Standing at the peak, he now realized how insignificant the things that we worry about are. Resisting the moment, holding onto past pain, worrying about the future had turned him into a troubled man. He had forgotten how to let go and relax. The climb had taught him three lessons that he then used to live a fulfilling, happy life with a successful career.  The Three Lessons The first lesson was the importance of health. The second lesson was to care for relationships. The third and most important lesson he learned that day was to not resist life and see the bigger picture. The son thanked his father and came back to the city. He set out to help people realize the truths he’d discovered, giving birth to the meditation we now know as Druvbbal.

DRUVBBAL – Named after the picturesque village in Himachal Pradesh, Druvbbal was designed to help you realign your focus on your goals in terms of health, relationship, and career. Druvbbal is a part of the Quick Yogic Relaxation series of short meditations. A regular practice of Druvbbal can make life more meaningful and joyful. Spend the next six minutes experiencing deep relaxation with Druvbbal, on the Dozee app.

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