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4 Surprising But True Facts You Didn’t Know About Meditation

Updated: Jun 24

You may think that you know about meditation but we can bet that these 4 strange facts will surprise you.

Backed by research, meditation has proven to be the Superman of healthcare in today’s world that is inflicted with lifestyle disorders. Meditation can take care of everything from stress, hypertension, sleep disorders, to enlightenment. Here are four facts about meditation that are sure to surprise you:

  1. Meditation can improve employee productivity by 120%. Research shows that meditation also successfully reduces burnout and absenteeism at the workplace.

  2. Meditation can reduce PMS (Post-menstrual syndrome) symptoms by 57%. Research shows that meditation considerably reduces anxiety, depression and other related PMS symptoms. 

  3. Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) 73% of the time. The study was done on war veterans, and 73% of the subjects showed improvement post-meditation.

  4. With Yoga and Meditation as the top two health practices, the US is currently leading the world meditation market, valued at 1.2 Billion $ in 2017. India, despite being the birthplace of meditation, is yet to make a mark in the world meditation arena.

Slowly but surely, we are acknowledging the negative impact our lifestyles have on our bodies and our mind. We are also recognizing the value meditation brings to our lives. We at Dozee are working to help you adopt meditation by bringing in mindfulness programs from the best of experts in the field, all at no extra cost. Our most recent offerings in the meditation space, for your pleasure, are mentioned below:

1. Sound meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls by Kalariyogi Shriram

Sound meditation is an ancient healing practice that uses sounds and vibrations to induce deep meditative states. Sound Healing experts state that sound meditation not only affects a great deal of physical healing but also has far-reaching implications that occur on emotional and spiritual levels. The most popular way to practice sound meditation is through “sound baths,” which uses Tibetan singing bowls, quartz bowls, and bells to guide the listener. Click to learn more

2. Sankalp 2020 by Yogi Manish Pole

Sankalp 2020 is a unique offering by Yogi Manish Pole that brings together multiple meditation techniques to help you envision your best experience of 2020. If you are looking forward to a year of tremendous growth in your personal and professional lives, Sankalpa 2020 will help you find your one most important resolution. The session will further help you shed any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back. Click to learn more

Both of these meditation offerings are available on the Dozee app and can be accessed free of cost.


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