Contactless patient monitoring & Early Warning System for Step down ICU & HDU units

Dozee is the pioneer in contactless, continuous remote patient monitoring (RPM) in hospitals & at home, delivering unparalleled patient safety & maximizing utilization of ICU beds.

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Improved Clinical Outcomes
& Patient Safety

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Critical Care Outreach automation

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Nursing efficiency

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Maximize ICU bed throughput

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Digitalization of vitals monitoring

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Convenient &

Easy to adopt

Dozee Early Warning System saves 200+ lives at IGMC Nagpur

Improve Patient Outcomes in your hospital with Dozee Early warning system

Dozee Early Warning System to boost your Critical Care Outreach Program

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Our AI algorithms track the patient's vitals trends and generate an Early Warning Score enabling early detection of health deterioration for timely medical intervention to provide unmatched patient safety.

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Customisable alerts
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Health Trends
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Improved patient safety with DEWS
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Integration with

Parameters Monitored by Dozee

India’s Only Contactless Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate & Sleep Monitor

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DEWS Score
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Heart Rate
Respiration Rate
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Oxygen Saturation
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Blood Pressure
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Sleep Stages
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Cardiac Performance Matrix
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Sleep Apnea
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Heart Rate Variability
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Stress and Recovery
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Snoring Index
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ICU Doctors and Nurses are the most scarce resources

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Every Dozee saves

30 nursing hours/month

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Dozee Triaging helps doctors prioritise their rounds

Everyday 3 Successful ICU Transfers for every 100 patient monitored

Life Saved
Trusted by Hospitals
Patients Monitored
Nursing hours saved

Clinically validated.
by top hospitals.

98.4% as accurate as medical grade devices, based on clinical trials conducted over 1000+ subjects in Jayadeva, NIMHANS and Sparsh Hospital

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Interested to know how Dozee can transform Step down ICU / HDU units at your Hospital ?